Recent Posts

  1. Unknown Clojure.

    immutable data pipeline

  2. the future is now.

    a web application without infrastructure

  3. Berlin Primary schools

    Vizualizing Berlin School distribution.

  4. Uber Movement data

    Playing with the Berlin Uber movement dataset.

  5. Switching to data.table with Zwift

    the cousin of pandas is a morse.

  6. Sharing is Biking

    visual experimentations with Berlin Bikesharing dataset

  7. Lidar maximo !

    playing with lidar data.

  8. Air Square

    Air particles sensors accuracy

  9. Funny Games

    Finding the missing podcast

  10. Populist Component Analysis

    Quantify MEP votes.

  11. Fast And Curious

    Tensorflow for Vehicles Flows.

  12. The inflatable curtain.


  13. Learning the machine.

    it's a long way to accuracy.

  14. Drive a Tesla for 90 cents.

    Generate text with Keras.

  15. Trolloscopy.

    Pro-Kremlin comments in the Financial Times.

  16. No country for XGB Tree.

    Is altitude a good predictor for election ?