Switching to data.table with Zwift

Nov 04, 2019

the cousin of pandas is a morse.

(Tom Simpson / Mont Ventoux, 13th July 1967)

After having used the tidyverse toolkit for a while to wrangle data in R, i recently switched to the data.table package. I found this page very helpful to grasp the power of data.table.

For dataset bigger than 1GB than can fit into the RAM, read, write, filter and aggregations operations are 10 to 100 times faster than the dplyr/base R tools.

On top of that, i found its syntax extremely concise, like writing Haiku in R. I started learning R using the dplyr/tidyr packages three years ago, and switching to data.table is a logical evolution.

As a Zwift player, i explored their API with the help of data.table.

The result can be seen here